Daily Archives: May 2, 2003

MSN UK tests potty surfing

The iLoo isn’t Microsoft’s first attempt at a festival-oriented public PC. “We’ve had the world’s first-ever cyber park bench we launched two years ago,” Whittingham said. Like iLoo, the park bench served up Internet access.
The portable lavatory is being tested [...]

Students get iPods as study aids

A US university has given iPod digital music players to its students to help them with their coursework.
The students at Georgia College & State University in Milledgeville, Georgia have found that, far from distracting them from their studies, the [...]

PlanetSide Q&A

GameSpy has posted an interview with Peter Chang, Dave Kuykendall and Terrance Yee, who all work at Sony Online on PlanetSide. The guys are asked about their typical day on the job, the most challenging aspect of the job, how [...]

Elite Force II Demo

There is a demo for Star Trek Elite Force II now available, offering a sampling of the upcoming shooter sequel in the works at Ritual Entertainment. The demo offers two single-player missions, but is based on pre-release code, and therefore [...]