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GamersCircle® is a web site devoted to news and topics related to electronic games, state of the art consoles, fantastic PC based games and the world of gaming platforms. Additionally, topics related to movies, movie technology and viewers [...]

Star Wars Galaxies System Requirements

There’s a post on the Sony Online Star Wars Galaxies forums from community manager Kevin O’Hara who has posted the official system requirements for this Star Wars MMORPG. You’ll need a Pentium 3 933mhz or higher (1.5ghz CPU recommended), with [...]

Halo 2 Preview

Gamers.com have slapped up a preview of Bungie’s Halo 2, due in 2004 on Microsoft’s XBox console. Here’s the scoop:
So what can you expect? More. More of everything that made millions of Xboxers with itchy trigger fingers fall in love [...]

“Dawn” write it off just yet!

For those that have made up their minds that the upcoming remake of “Dawn of the Dead” is going to suck- I beg you to reconsider, judging by the names that this film is attracting.
According to The Hollywood Reporter, Ving [...]


Production Designer Guy Dyas spoke with Countingdown about all sorts of design work required for the over five dozen sets used in “X2″, and talk came up of the inevitable sequel which he says he hasn’t heard anything official about [...]

Frakes in negotiations to direct “Superman”?

SuperheroHype (http://www.superherohype.com) reports a rumor from a scooper claiming that “Star Trek” actor/director Jonathan Frakes may be up to direct the Man of Steel in Warner Bros.’ still-in-development-hell “Superman” project.
“Superman” was originally slated to begin production this spring but has [...]

Enter The Matrix Q&A

HomeLAN Fed’s Q&A with Shiny’s David Perry is online. Perry is of course asked about his company’s Enter the Matrix game, which will ship next week to be in stores on the same day as the Matrix Reloaded movie opens. [...]