Daily Archives: May 16, 2003

Matrix Online E3 2003 Trailer

Ubi Soft has also issued the E3 2003 trailer for The Matrix Online, offering 1 minute and a half of CGI and gameplay footage for this upcoming MMORPG developed by Monolith. “Set in a virtual, persistent online universe in which [...]

Greyhawk Site

The official The Temple of Elemental Evil website is now online, offering info and media from this Greyhawk D&D RPG in development at Troika Games.

New Enter the Matrix Patch

This Atari Support Page has a newer patch for Enter the Matrix than yesterday’s (story), updating Shiny’s simulation simulation to version 1.52. This update offers cleaner graphics, a new “Matrix Options Screen,” Alt-Tab switching has been enabled, and EAX now [...]

TV On Your Mobile Phone?

For all the hype and tests about interactive TV over the years, it appears the best way to do interactive TV completely crept up on TV producers: using mobile phones and text messaging as a way to interact with televsion [...]

Pentium at 10–software can’t keep up

The Pentium will soon be ten. Announced in March 1993 and shipped in June, it’s made Intel a brand synonymous with home computing.
Not that today’s Pentium 4 is anything like the original hardware. The Pentium’s decade has been one [...]

Is the PC fading as a gaming platform?

The lowly PC is becoming passe among many video gamers.
With the appearance of powerful but simple-to-use new systems such as Microsoft’s Xbox, Nintendo’s GameCube and Sony’s PlayStation, sales of games for consoles and handheld devices rose more than 6 percent [...]

New ATI Catalyst Drivers

ATI’s reference driver download page is now offering the latest Catalyst 3.4 videocard drivers, for WinXP/2K and Win9X/ME. This page lists a whole lot of fixes included in this new release. Source

Judge: Kazaa Must Reveal Investors, Officers

Late last year there were a bunch of articles discussing the convoluted corporate structure of Shaman Networks the owners of file sharing software Kazaa. Much of the structure was designed to make it much more difficult for the music industry [...]

Atari Matrix game offers unseen movie footage.

Game publisher Atari Inc. has a message for fans of the “Matrix” movies: there is a secret sequel out there. It’s locked away inside the biggest-budget video game ever.
Atari on Thursday released “Enter the Matrix,” the video game companion [...]