Daily Archives: May 21, 2003

City of Heroes E3 Report

Loaded Inc has put together their thoughts and impressions regarding City of Heroes, a superhero crime fighting MMOG:
At the start of CoH players will create their own hero by first of all selecting their hero’s origin which is how [...]

D&D Heroes Xbox Only

ATARI announced today that Dungeons & Dragons Heroes has become a Xbox exclusive title, as the PS2 and GameCube ports got the axe:
“The full development team is extremely excited to be working with Microsoft and Wizards of the Coast [...]

802.11g heads for standards approval

The latest wireless networking specification is on track for standards approval, which should open the door for further adoption of the already popular technology.
A working group within the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), an organization responsible for [...]

LOTR: Return of the King game footage

Pass along to me by Toneman, “TheOneRing.net has a Quicktime movie up of just over a minute’s worth of live footage from Return of The King , as shown at E3. The quality’s pretty abysmal, but it gives a much-needed [...]

Microsoft Proposes Law on Junk E-Mail

Microsoft Corp. is proposing a new legislative approach to battling junk e-mail, hoping to bridge a widening gap between various industry and consumer groups that threatens to bog down congressional efforts to eradicate spam. Like several bills already proposed or [...]

Chipmaker puts focus on Xbox

Focus Enhancements, a small chipmaker specializing in video-related products, has received its first order from Microsoft to supply chips for the Xbox video game console.
Focus signed a deal with Microsoft last year to become a supplier of TV-encoding processors, [...]

No Soup, errr cell phone for You

The Matrix Phone aka Samsung SPH-n270 is already sold out on the Samsung Matrix Online Store.
Matrix fans can register with their email to get notified when its in stock again.
The Matrix Phone is already trading on eBay for [...]