No Soup, errr cell phone for You

The Matrix Phone aka Samsung SPH-n270 is already sold out on the Samsung Matrix Online Store.

Matrix fans can register with their email to get notified when its in stock again.
The Matrix Phone is already trading on eBay for over 700 USD.

I4U reported about the Samsung Matrix Phone back in February. The Phone is an exact replica of the one used in the Matrix Reloaded Movie.

Pop-up earpiece and movie-inspired ringers
Vibrant color display and icon-driven menu
Voice memo for recording thoughts
Personal organizer tools
Robust internal phone book
Voice dialing and voice commands
Support for English and Spanish
Dimensions: 4.52″ x 2.28″ x .78″
Weight: 4.58 oz.
Mode: Dual-band/Tri-mode
Provider: Sprint

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