Wi-Fi: Will the revolution be oversold?

To be a networking player in 2003, Wi-Fi is not just a good idea. It is not an option. It is an absolute essential. But don’t let the whiff of industry fashion fool you. Despite the best efforts of the hype-meisters, this revolution is showing signs of keeping its feet on the ground.

Firstly, to convince you that Wi-Fi is this year’s network essential, just look at the efforts of people like HP and Nortel. They are desperate to make sure they are on board as the bandwagon moves off.

The pattern here is to have a set of access point products, but also to have a network-aware security-and-roaming switch to link them up in the wiring closet so that users can roam round the building, without confusing the access points, or the business applications you are talking to across the wireless network. Source

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