Daily Archives: May 28, 2003

Galaxies and Ghost Delayed

Both Lucas Arts “Star Wars Galaxies” and Blizzard’s “Ghost” are delayed till 2004.
LucasArts has announced that development on the PlayStation 2 and Xbox versions of its highly anticipated Star Wars massively multiplayer title, Star Wars Galaxies: An Empire Divided, has [...]

Shadowbane Servers Hacked, Chaos Ensues

Vanguard(DC) writes “There was a major hacking incident last night on the servers of Shadowbane, a newly released MMORPG by UbiSoft/Wolfpack. The attackers wreaked havoc on at least one game server, with apparent god-like capabilities in-game. There’s already an official [...]

GeForce FX catches up to Radeon performance

The latest update of the GeForce FX adds a significant performance boost, and appears to
approach the Radeon 9800, according to ZDNet Labs – though Nvidia has been accused of fiddling the tests
Nvidia’s latest high-end graphics processor appears to [...]

Why Gaming Is Good For You

While conventional wisdom used to say that staring at a TV screen or computer monitor for hours on end did bad things to your eyes, this new study says that regular video gaming improves your visual skills. So, forget [...]