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Enterprise – Episode Information

The XindiSynopsis | Review | Screencaps |Trailer
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AnomalySynopsis | Review | Screencaps | Trailer
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ExtinctionSynopsis | Review | Screencaps | Trailer
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RaijinSynopsis | Review | Screencaps | Trailer
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ImpulseSynopsis | Review | Screencaps | Trailer
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ExileSynopsis | Review | Screencaps [...]

On Blizzard’s Uncertain Future

The Seattle Times web site has posted up an article that looks at Blizzard’s current situation in the wake of the uncertain future of the company in the way of the stalled sale of its parent company Viviendi Universal Games. [...]

Exclusive: T3 DVDs Detailed

And you thought the decision between buying the first Two Towers DVD or waiting for the extended edition was a stumper. According to Terminator 3 director Jonathan Mostow, the film will follow in its predecessors’ footsteps with a series of [...]


Here’s some “TV News” scoop from the current issue of TV Guide magazine: Movie star Giovanni Ribisi will reprise his role as Phoebe’s wacky brother — and father of the triplets to whom she was a surrogate mom — in [...]

“Star Wars: Episode III” spoiler

Not much in the way of surprising news, but for the hardcore fans who want to walk in not knowing anything, here is a report from a scooper at TheForce.net.
So you heard that Anakin loses a leg? I’m impressed, they [...]

The Rock in “Predator 3″?

With Arnold’s political ambitions right now, his movie career has obviously been put on hold so if there is going to be a “Predator 3,” who could star in it?
Moviehole reports none other than The Rock as a possibility. [...]

Earth and Beyond Anniversary Plans

The now defunct developer Westwood Studios and publisher Electronic Arts announced today that they will celebrate the one year anniversary of Earth and Beyond by hosting a “massive” party throughout the United States in eight iGames centers. Besides cake and [...]

NASA Plans Space Commute Craft

Looking for a simpler way to ferry astronauts to the International Space Station, NASA is designing a stripped-down four-seater. Plans for the Orbital Space Plane are on the fast track for completion by 2008.
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