Monthly Archives: October 2003

Activision Acquires Infinity Ward

Representatives from Activision have confirmed that the company has acquired the remaining 70% of developer Infinity Ward that it did not already own. The company took a 30% interest in the studio in May 2002, with an option to buy [...]

Dungeon Siege Film Announced

Boll KG, studio behind the film of 2003, House of the Dead, has announced that they’ll be making a movie based around Gas Powered Games’ RPG, Dungeon Siege:
Executive producer and director Dr. Uwe Boll, expects to begin filming “Dungeon Siege” [...]

DC’s Batman #620 Sold Out

Batman #620

DC Comics has announced that its Batman #620 sold out at the publisher and at Diamond three days after its in-store date of October 22. This issue features the first chapter of the six-part “Broken City” storyline by the [...]

Hardware Reviews

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GeForce FX 5900 videocard comparison on Digit-Life.
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Powercolor Radeon 9800 XT videocard [...]

Atari Delays Two Games

Atari today pushed back the release dates for two anticipated games, one of which will now miss the lucrative holiday shopping season.
The first game, the massively multiplayer online game Horizons: Empire of Istaria, was bumped back to December 9 from [...]