Daily Archives: October 4, 2003

Earth and Beyond Expansion Pack Denied

Although I cannot possibly fathom why anyone would even think that Electronic Arts would develop an expansion pack to Earth and Beyond considering how poorly the game is doing, they have now officially denied the rumors on the games.

Max Payne 2 Impressions

HomeLAN have slapped up some impressions of Max Payne 2, due October 15. Here’s the scoop:
Of course, most people who are interested in the game are interested in the gunplay combat, which was a hallmark of the original. In our [...]

DirectX 9.0b Control Panel

This is the Control Panel for Microsoft’s DirectX 9.0b with a variety of configuration settings. To install, please copy the directx.cpl into the Windows/system32 folder. Now you have the chance to access the Control Panel from your Settings menu. Alternatively [...]