Daily Archives: October 17, 2003

Trek TOS in a Boxed Set

According to Digital Bits editor Bill Hunt, ” I’ve officially confirmed with Paramount that complete season box sets of Star Trek: The Original Series are in the planning stages for DVD release here in the States. However, you probably [...]

Revolutions Tickets On Sale

ickets for the final chapter in the Wachowski’s saga went on sale today, allowing thousands of fans to reserve their seats for the film’s debut on 7 November.
Will Zion survive? Will Neo fulfil his destiny as The One? Will the [...]


If selling the BATMAN Archive at a drastically reduced price didn’t work, then releasing the SAMPLER might just do the trick. Granted, releasing a collection of the “best” stories from the Golden Age is always itself a tricky proposition, as [...]

Ferrel could be BeWitched

Former SNL comedian Will Ferrell is emerging as the frontrunner to play the role of Darren Stevens, the husband of Samantha the good witch in the big-screen BEWITCHED film. Nicole Kidman is still up for playing Sam and Nora Ephron [...]

REVIEW: “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre”

The “massacre” is back and it’s a damn scary one…
Thank goodness this year, we finally have a true slasher flick worthy of being called a horror film. In an age where studios are marketing horror films as “thrillers,” the concept [...]

Halo: Combat Evolved (Demo)

Years in the future, the human race is besieged by a group of aliens, known as the Covenant. Greatly outnumbered, humanity makes its last stand on an aritificially created planet-like ring or “halo”. It is your responsibility to defend, and [...]


Your first look at Universal’s zombie remake. Apple’s trailer park has just unloaded the first trailer for Universal Pictures’ DAWN OF THE DEAD. Download the trailer and you’ll get your first look at the mall where the survivors are [...]

Windows XP Rollup Pack Released

“Responding to pressure from users to release a packaged update for Windows XP as the delivery date for Service Pack 2 has fallen to mid-2004, Microsoft on Wednesday posted a rollup package of updates for the client operating system.”

Event Wrap-Up:Tokyo Game Show 2003

After rescuing electronic entertainment from an American glut, Japanese game makers coaxed glory from their scrappy model of back of the envelope production. For twenty years, Japan has been keeper of the world’s interactive childhood. But technology has evolved and [...]

Takara Acquires Atlus

Japanese toy manufacturer Takara, behind Transformer toys, as well as the Battle Arena Toshinden series of games from a few years back, announced today that it has acquired Atlus. According to Gamasutra, the move will see the two companies becoming [...]