Daily Archives: October 18, 2003

Max Payne 2 Reviewed

Max Payne 2, the sequel to the awesome original game released years ago, hit shelves three days ago. The first review so far was found at PCSynapse. It seems to be what fans want, give or take a few quirks. [...]

Official Warcraft III Map Released

Blizzard has updated the Official Warcraft III Website with a new bonus map. The new map, called Haven of the Damned, is a medium sized map designed for 2v2, 3v3 or FFA games – it can be downloaded from the [...]

Comcast glitch blocks games

What was supposed to be a routine upgrade turned into a massive multiplayer headache for Comcast when a service upgrade blocked a large number of subscribers from accessing their favorite games earlier this week. From Friday, Oct. 10, to Tuesday, [...]

New wave of Halo toys on the horizon

Toymaker JoyRide is introducing a new product for a very specific customer base–Halo fans in need of more desk clutter. The toy maker, which already makes three action figures inspired by the game–the Master Chief, Cortana, and the Warthog 4×4–is [...]

Planetside Gets Platoons

A new feature called “Platoons” has been added to Planetside. This feature allows players to coordinate huge battles with squads of up to 30 people. Touting their own feature they claim that “Platoons add a new dimension of strategy to [...]

Battlefield 1942 Mod Toolkit Beta

The Battlefield 1942 Website is offering downloads of a beta version 0.9a of the Mod Development Toolkit for DICE’s World War II shooter. Here’s the deal: “The Mod Development Toolkit v.9a is ready for open beta testing. The MDT introduces [...]