Daily Archives: October 26, 2003

Screenshots of toilets in different video games

Why? Well, someone took the time to list them, so now you can look at this. [should shrug]

911: Fire & Rescue5th ElementAliens vs PredatorAlone in the DarkAnachronoxBaldur’s Gate 2Blair Witch Project Vol. 1BloodBlood 2 the ChosenCarmageddon 2Counter StrikeDark ForcesDay [...]

Star Wars Galaxies Update

The official Star Wars Galaxies Web site has posted some new content, namely an article on how to use and arrange gardens to spruce up a player-owned area in the game. The article consists of screenshots of the various types [...]

More Screen Shots

BREED (PC) – Action Vault

BREED (PC) – GenGamers

Chrome (PC) – Action Vault

EverQuest 2 (PC) – EGCore

Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy (XB) – ToTheGame

Need for Speed Underground (PC) – ActionTrip

NBA Ballers (Multi) – Gamebiz

Postal 2 [...]

Longhorn PDC Build 4051 Leaked

The moment nearly every Windows enthusiast has been waiting for has all but nearly arrived. Windows Code-Named Longhorn 4051 has leaked onto the internet. As Paul Thurrott correctly confirmed late last evening. The select few who have been able to [...]