Daily Archives: November 3, 2003

8.5GB DVD+R discs, drives to ship April ’04

Expect double-layer, almost double-capacity DVD+R drives and media to hit the stores next April, members of the DVD+RW alliance say. The technology, co-developed by drive maker Philips, and media specialists Verbatim and Mitsubishi Kagaku, adds a second recording layer to [...]

ROUTE 666 #17: Comic Book Preview

Halloween may be over but don’t tell that to readers of CrossGen Entertainment’s ROUTE 666. Every month the fans of CrossGen’s ongoing horror book are given another scarefest delivered by the team of writer Tony Bedard, penciler Karl Moline, inker [...]

New “Star Wars: Episode III” rumors

TheForce.net has received several spy reports from a scooper who claims to have some cool spoilers. Are these legit? Maybe, maybe not. Anyway, as always, take these kind of rumors with a grain of salt. If you don’t want these [...]

Hotmail to get an overhaul

Microsoft is preparing a substantial overhaul to its popular Hotmail e-mail service. While company officials aren’t explicitly saying that many of the new features are geared toward removing spam annoyances, that looks to be the case. The update includes many [...]

Microsoft Drops Intel for the Next Xbox

Stating that IBM’s PowerPC chip runs cooler and uses less power than Intel-based chips, Microsoft announced today that the next version of the Xbox will be IBM powered. In the same article, an analyst is quoted as saying that the [...]

Can Fiber To The Home Beat DSL Right Now?

For many in the telecom/broadband world, the idea of “fiber to the home” is the holy grail of providing broadband internet services to customers. However, over in Milan, where one company is trying to do just that, many people [...]

Preview Round-Up

Lord of the Rings: War of the Ring (PC) – The Wargamer

The Monsters of Sudeki (XB) – GameSpy

World of Warcraft (PC) – EGCore


South Korea Get Switched Onto Xbox Live!

Who said Asia isn’t embracing Xbox? Xbox Live is the perfect opportunity for Microsoft to demonstrate the power of Xbox, and what better place to demonstrate this than South Korea, probably the most Internet connected nation on the planet? As [...]

“MOH: Rising Sun” Goes Gold

Get ready to step into the boots of a Marine Corporal, survive the attack on Pearl Harbor and drive the Japanese Army from the Pacific; Medal of Honor: Rising Sun has gone gold. The latest installment in the award-winning WWII [...]