Daily Archives: November 7, 2003

Desert Combat 0.5L Released

The latest version of the immensely popular Battlefield 1942 mod Desert Combat has been released. In addition to the client release there are also dedicated server files for Windows and Linux. Version 0.5L of Desert Combat requires the BF1942 1.5 [...]

Behold the Google Deskbar

Google has done it again. We all know about the Google toolbar… probably one of the most redeeming factors for sticking with Internet Explorer (it doesn’t work on other browsers). Then, of course, there’s the Google Calculator, Groups, and the [...]

“Secret Weapons Over Normandy” Goes Gold

Achtung! LucasArts’ WWII dogfighting game, Secret Weapons Over Normandy, has gone gold for PS2, Xbox and PC and is scheduled to taxi onto store shelves on November 18.
From aerial dogfighting to sea-based runs on Japanese destroyers, the game, Secret Weapons [...]

Xbox Live: hottest weekend ever

Xbox Live, the world’s most intense unified online gaming service, just hosted its hottest weekend ever.
This past Sunday, November 2, Xbox Live set new usage records. On that day, 83,652 unique users spent 262,268 hours on the service — [...]

Dungeon Siege Update v1.11

This updates Dungeon Siege from v1.0 to v1.11. This is the most common version and should be downloaded by most users. If you are running v1.0, please download and install this update.