Daily Archives: November 30, 2003

Caching Torrent files in DNS

This is a proof of concept version of BitTorrent where the torrent files are transported over DNS. This will of course bog down BIND servers all over the planet. Everyone should be thankful that the files are not sent over [...]

HDTV broadcast flag primer!

A lot of people have been wondering how the broadcast flag ruling will affect there ability to record movies and if they are going to have to replace there DVD player etc. The answer may surprise you.
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Deus Ex Invisible War Preview

Matthew Calamatta over at Loadedinc.com as this to say about the game:
Fans of the first Deus Ex are exploding with excitement. They’ve been invited back to a dark world of corporate greed, fanaticism, and body enhancements. That world is so [...]

GameSpy Sold?

This has not been confirmed and just could be a holiday rumor.
Unless the whole thing is a well thought out hoax, rumours have sprung up on the Internet indicating the GameSPy have been sold to an anonymous buyer for US$60 [...]