Daily Archives: August 5, 2005

Price Update on Xbox: Still Affordable

According to The Console Wars, the Xbox 360 will ship in two distinct forms: one stripped down version, and one with a hard drive and other goodies. The prices? $299 and $399, respectively. That’s still well below my $500 marker, [...]

Lego Master Chief

Wonderland has a great post today showing an assortment of very cool Lego minifigs. While the Lego beards are cool and I totally need the Stephen Wozniak figure, the one that takes the cake is the Master Chief minifig. That’s [...]

City of Villains Fiction Update: Longbow

A division of Freedom Corps dedicated to dealing with super-powered beings, Longbow acts as military support for heroes. In her latest journal entry, Ghost Widow provides insight into their history and an assessment of their organization.


Steve Carell denies Joker rumors

While doing press of ’40 Year Old Virgin’, funny man Steve Carell denied rumors that he’d appear as The Joker in the next ‘Batman’ movie. Carell said that he also had read those stories and that he would love do [...]