Daily Archives: August 13, 2005

Battlefield 2 Unlockable Rifle Tests

This guy spent some quality time doing some tests on the unlockable weapons in Battlefield 2. Definitely good to check out so that you don’t waste your precious unlock on a lame weapon. Includes video of his test’s.

Pilot Down Demo

A demo for Pilot Down: Behind Enemy Lines is now available, offering the chance to sample Kuju Entertainment’s upcoming World War II game featuring a downed flier’s efforts to reach friendly forces.

Pix packing auds’ bags

‘Lord of the Rings,’ ‘Beach’ among pics that help boost tourism — The Shire’s a hot spot. So are the grounds of Hogwarts. Just don’t look for them by those names. Travelers these days are skipping the travel brochures and [...]

City of Heroes Warcry Interviews Troy Hickman

Cybershadow caught up with Troy Hickman recently. Just who is Troy Hickman and what’s he got to do with City of Heroes? He’s the critically-acclaimed and fan-loved writer and creator of Common Grounds, one of the best slice-of-life comics this [...]