Daily Archives: August 14, 2005


Remember when Marvel did Annuals? Sure you do: it wasn’t that long ago. We had a bumper sized issue as well as the monthly to get our teeth into, perhaps with a few pin-ups at the back. Somewhere along the [...]

JLA/Cyberforce Awful

I was thinking of summarizing JLA/Cyberforce for Spoilt!, but I could’t force myself through it. The Cyberforce team is exactly as stupid as I expected, relic of Image’s glory days when powers like four arms (three on one side) or [...]

Google Instant Messenger all Rumor

Search, blogging, maps, photos, email, and now a portal, Google has kept adding to their array of services. Is an instant messenger next for Google? Most recently Google has been said to be buying out a company called Meetroduction, LLC [...]

iPod vending machine

Maryam, Patrick and I were just having breakfast at the Sunnyvale Four Points Sheraton and when we came out we saw a huge vending machine. OK, that alone might be notable, but Patrick instantly recognized that it sells iPods and [...]

DVD Review: Sin City

“The DVD is coming out very bare bones with only a ten-minute or so behind the scenes featurette where Rodriguez, Miller, and the cast talk about the movie and their experience working in a green screen environment.”