Daily Archives: August 15, 2005

New SUPERMAN Photo Revealed!

BrandonRouth.com has posted another set photo of the guest star turned Man of Steel. In the newest, he appears to be lifting a car above his head, like you do if you’re Superman, only this must not be Routh’s official [...]

3 more for ‘X-Men 3′

IGN FilmForce has confirmed a Web rumor that Predator actor Bill Duke has joined the cast of ‘X-Men 3′. Sources indicate that Duke does not play the creator of the Sentinels (as rumored) but actually portrays a politician in The [...]

CoH Live Action Role Playing at Gencon

In consultation with Cryptic Studios, Millennium Interactive Group will be returning this year to Gencon Indianapolis with an exciting City of Heroes Live Action Role Playing (LARP) event entitled City of Heroes Live: “Back in Black.” The LARP will [...]

StarTrek Online: New Images

Star Trek Online’s Art Director Ken Henderson has revealed new information on the uniforms and L-CARs in today’s BLOG update. The team has taken into account such details as the four department colors and even the amount of visible skin [...]

Microsoft Updates Graphics Suite Beta

Microsoft is ramping up efforts to take on rival Adobe and is expected to release on Monday a second beta of Acrylic, a program intended to ease the process of creating graphics for Web pages. Microsoft initially released a preview [...]

NCSA compares size of Google, Yahoo indices

Last week, Yahoo issued an announcement in which they claimed to have indexed over 20 billion items through their search service. On BB band manager John Battelle’s Searchblog, a Google spokesperson said the company’s scientists “were not seeing the increase [...]

Firefox Market Share Slips in July

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer has gained back some lost ground during the month of July according to NetApplications.com, a California-based host of site usage monitoring services. The news comes as Firefox surpassed the 80 million download mark over the weekend.