Daily Archives: August 18, 2005

Superman Returns Footage Online

BlueTights.net is continuing its Video Journals with Superman Returns director Bryan Singer in which he takes fans behind-the-scenes of the massive production. With already 21 video Blogs, the site has shown a tremendous amount of [...]

The Good With The Bad, Patch Notes!

The good comes with the bad in the upcoming patch. First of all, looks like all you weapon-swapping Rogues are, for lack of a better word, screwed! Seems switching weapons in combat will trigger a 1 second global [...]

Spy vs. Spy

Remember escaping reality of being a young teenager by reading the spoofs that Mad Magazine brought on a weekly basis? If you need that escape from your overwhelming video game lifestyle, then Spy vs. Spy might be the game [...]

Silent Airplane Invented

Propellerheads at Cambridge University have invented a design for a passenger airplane that’s nearly SILENT once airborne. It’s a “flying wing” with engines on top, directing noise upward. The design is already getting kudos from people who live near airports, [...]

Jedi Mickey Hits Anaheim

Readers Joe and Patrick have both sent in reports that the Jedi Mickey/Yoda two-pack have surfaced at Star Traders in DisneyLand Anaheim. Two dozen were in stock and priced at $15 (plus tax) on Sunday but were all gone within [...]

Intel: Wireless Tech Will Improve Cities

Intel on Thursday announced it was launching a pilot program in 13 communities worldwide to look into how wireless technology and innovations in computer applications could enhance the quality of services for governments, businesses, and citizens.