Daily Archives: August 22, 2005

Quick Movie News Links

Saw II Ads Pulled By MPAA

The 40 Year Old Virgin Rides High at #1

Billy Bob Thornton is The Astronaut Farmer

Brian Robbins to Helm Norbit

Bruce Willis to Co-Star with Halle Berry in Perfect Stranger

Idris Elba and David Morrisey Join The Reaping

Robert [...]

NCSA Steps Back from Yahoo Debate

The NCSA distanced itself over the weekend from a study posted on its Web site that called into question Yahoo’s claims of a larger search engine index than rival Google. The organization has now issued a disclaimer that appears before [...]

New Lost Character Revealed

TV Guide has the scoop that former soap star Cynthia Watros is joining the cast of Lost this season as Libby, a mysterious character who may or may not have been in the tail section of Oceanic [...]

Mobile Phones Reduce Teen Smoking

Japanese teenagers are spending so much of their money on mobile-phone bills that they can’t afford to smoke, a new government report says. High school students there typically get between $55 and $65 allowance per month, and spend between $36 [...]