Daily Archives: August 24, 2005

Intel Lifts Veil of Secrecy from VIIV

If Intel has its way, consumers will soon be asking if their home entertainment PC has “VIIV” (rhymes with “five”) inside. The new technology combines Intel’s in-house software, processor and chipset to enable a system to perform entertainment tasks with [...]

How Microsoft 95 Became Microsoft 2005

In 1995, Microsoft was in trouble. Big trouble.
OS/2, despite its fans, was going nowhere. Windows 3.11 was, at best, a great GUI for running Microsoft Excel, but not a whole lot else. And then, as now, Apple owned the graphical [...]

How LEGOs Are Made!

This is a neat interactive flash movie that shows you how LEGOs are processed through factories and how they are shipped, molded, and all that good stuff. It is fricking sweet, especially if you are a die-hard LEGO fan.

New Doom Trailer Hits

Universal Pictures has launched the full trailer for Doom at Yahoo! Movies . The big screen version of the videogame franchise will hit theaters on October 21st.

XBox 360 Bundles Top $700

Gamespot is reporting that, with some idea of the skus that will be available for the Xbox 360 when it launches, game retailers are now prepping incredibly expensive console bundles for the first of the next-gen systems. From the article: [...]

The Paragon Times: Chasing Sally

Is Sally, the Salamanca Lake Monster, really a threat? Join Paragon Times senior correspondent Jackson Turner and folklorist/parapsychologist Skipper LeGrange as they pursue the truth behind Sally. Read the special guest column in the Paragon Times.