Daily Archives: August 25, 2005

Piracy Not To Blame In Decline of Moviegoers

In a somewhat surprisingly earnest assessment, the NYTimes has an article about the massive decline in movie-going that does not once try to blame piracy and file-sharing programs. It sounds like studios are beginning to understand that they have only [...]

Another Major Spammer Busted

25 year old Christopher William Smith, considered one of the worlds biggest spammers by the Spamhaus Project, is now sitting in a jail without bond. Smith allegedly had a doctor issue 72,000 prescriptions in the space of one year in [...]

Download IE7 Beta now!

I will say up front that I abandoned Internet Explorer once I discovered that a simple FireFox tweak made my browser act like a chipmunk on crack.
Download Now

New Saw II & Cry_Wolf Sites

Bloody-Disgusting points out that a spin-off site for Lions Gate Films’ Saw II has launched at HouseofJigsaw.com , which includes new features on the anticipated sequel. Disgusting says that “the site [...]

8 Hour Laptop Battery Due in 2006

The need to change a laptop battery every few hours may soon be an annoyance of the past. Intel and Matsushita, the maker of Panasonic brand products, are jointly developing technology that would produce laptop batteries with 8 hours of [...]

Get Lost with DVD Talk

On September 6, one of the biggest TV-on-DVD releases of the year hits shelves with Lost – The Complete First Season. In preparation for the release, Buena Vista Home Entertainment threw a jungle extravaganza like no other on [...]

Gmail: New From Address

Without apparent fanfare, Google now lets you change your From address to any email address you can verify. Click on Settings, then Accounts. Once you’ve verified the email you can go back there to make the new address the [...]