Daily Archives: August 31, 2005

Send In The Clones

An all-new Probe Droid has just been launched; this week we’re searching for your opinion on Hasbro’s latest trend of Clone Trooper repaints. Between now and the end of the year we’ll see no less than ten Clone repaints, maybe [...]

MSN Adds Antiphishing, Games Capabilities to IE

On Wednesday morning, Microsoft’s MSN division began offering two new add-ins for the MSN Search Toolbar. The first, a beta version of Microsoft’s Phishing Filter add-in, helps protect users against Web-based scams. The second, the Games add-in, helps connect consumers [...]

A few morsels of ”Lost” information

We are three weeks from the premiere of the second season of “Lost,” and FilmJerk has just received a few tidbits about some of the upcoming episodes. Of course, with any story with this kind of news, a spoiler alert [...]