Daily Archives: September 2, 2005

Anti-Virus Protection For Your Cell Phone

BBC Tech reports that F-Secure, a Finnish security firm has created a software program to combat the increasing number of viruses that manage their way into cell phones. Although not as robust as your mainstream virus scanners for the PC, [...]

Microsoft, Intel split on BlackBerry spat

Microsoft and Intel are taking opposing sides in a long-running patent dispute involving the BlackBerry handheld, a case that threatens U.S. sales of the wireless e-mail device.
Friend-of-the-court briefs filed last week by both companies and reviewed by CNET News.com [...]

Return of ‘Titanic’ to DVD

Interestingly, only the new three-disc “Special Collector’s Edition” will be available in the United States, while DVD aficionados in Latin America, Europe and Australia will have the choice between a two-disc set and a four-disc “Deluxe Collector’s Edition.”
All of the [...]

Blitzkrieg 2 Single-player Demo

This single-player demo for the WWII RTS Blitzkrieg 2 includes the “Swift Justice” mission from the German campaign, the “Rail Wars” mission from the U.S. campaign, and the “Two Stalingrad Strongholds” from the Russian campaign.

Land of the Dead Q&A

Gamecloud has posted an interview with Josh Druckman of Brainbox Games, talking about their upcoming movie based zombie action game Land of the Dead: Road to Fiddler’s Green.
Gamecloud: What other unique gameplay elements will the game have?
Josh Druckman: The zombies [...]