Daily Archives: September 7, 2005

Check Out These AMAZING Spidey Pencils!

The excitement continues to build for Kevin’s return to the world of comics, and Kevin keeps making the wait a bit easier by dropping some visual tastes — This time, some incredibly cool pencils from the brilliant Terry Dodson — [...]

Age of Empires III Demo Woes

Seems that until I either find out what is causing the problem or until Microsoft releases the game and fixes this bug, I will not be able to dive into this game demo. If anyone knows what might be [...]

A Month Without Microsoft Office

Back on August 3rd, I installed the Beta 1 version of Windows Vista on my work desktop. That meant reinstalling all my applications…but I didn’t have a copy of Microsoft Office handy. So I installed a beta copy of OpenOffice.org [...]

The Battle Plan, version 2

Volume 2 of the World of Warcraft Battle Plan is now live. This edition discusses a number of things Blizzard has in store for players leading up to BlizzCon and beyond.