Daily Archives: September 12, 2005

DVD Review: Fever Pitch

He swings, he hits, it’s deep, back, back, back, it’s outta here!! Lame way to start things off, but I had to get that out at the start or else it would just be sticking in the back of my [...]

Cingular Gets Kicked Out of the BBB

Following word that US consumers’ satisfaction with mobile operators continued its downward trend last year comes word that the country’s biggest carrier, Cingular, has been kicked out of the Better Business Bureau in upstate New York for poorly handling customer [...]

Part I: 64-bit vs. 32-bit Windows

Windows XP Professional x64 edition is clearly not a mainstream product. For example, though you can order Dell Dimension XPS models with XP X64 installed, Dell gives you this rather dire warning when you try to buy a system with [...]

HBO’s “Rome” Gets A Second Season

“Rome” for a second season says The Hollywood Reporter. Three episodes into its first year, “Rome” is already slated to begin production on 12 more episodes in March with an airdate sometime in 2007.
“Rome” is a co-production between HBO and [...]