Daily Archives: September 20, 2005

Blitkrieg 2 (PC) Screenshots

A little humming bird came along chirping away about four new WWII RTS screenshots, and I wasn’t all too pleased considering the fact that I was trying to study. The four shots show off explosive battles between footmen, planes, and [...]

Clone Trooper News

Hasbro updates today with and update on the Covert Ops Trooper from StarWarsShop.com and finally answers our question regarding the multi-colored Clone Troopers deluxe set…sort of. Seems like there are only 4 different versions. The fifth set (which was originally [...]

Symantec: Mozilla browsers more vulnerable than IE

Mozilla Web browsers are potentially more vulnerable to attack than Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, according to a Symantec report.
But the report, released Monday, also found that hackers are still focusing their efforts on IE.
The open-source Mozilla Foundation browsers, such [...]

Opera Web Browser Goes Freeware

Following a successful 24-hour giveaway last month, Opera Software has decided to drop the banner ads from its Web browser and permanently nix the licensing fee. Opera 8.5 is now available for download free of charge, putting new pressure on [...]

Microsoft Unveils New Design Suite

The success of Microsoft’s new design applications will remain up in the air for a while, said Jupiter Research analyst Joe Wilcox. “Everything is a work in progress,” he said. “You can get excited about it, but it is too [...]