Daily Archives: September 27, 2005

Corgi/Marvel Sign License Deal To Create Metal Figures

Official Press Release

Chicago, IL – Corgi USA, the leading name in die-cast scale
models, has acquired the license from Marvel Entertainment, Inc.
to produce exclusive high end collectible metal figurines of some
of the hottest characters in the comic book world.

The initial Marvel [...]

BitTorrent Gets $8.75 Million Backing

BitTorrent, the peer-to-peer technology that has become one of the most popular methods for sharing files, has landed $8.75 million in funding, according to reports. Venture capitalist firm DCM-Doll provided the cash infusion and intends to bring BitTorrent to Hollywood’s [...]

Gamestop Seeks Funding For Merger

GamesIndustry.biz is reporting that the EB/Gamestop merger is pending a $950 million investment Gamestop is seeking to close the deal. From the article: “GameStop has announced the sale of USD 950 million in notes to investors, which the company will [...]

Halo 3 Revealed?

Jeux France is driving the hype train for Halo 3. Wanna get on board? They’ve got a November 2005 cover of Xbox World 360 with Master Chief (see image) that proclaims the “PS3 is dead.”
Before everyone gets too excited, look [...]

Commodore looking to make a comeback

Commodore, known best in the world of gaming for its classic machine the Commodore 64 (pictured), is hoping to return to the industry. Yeahronimo Media Ventures, who own the Commodore name, have outlined the phases in which the Commodore business [...]

Rome: Total War Expansion Charges to Retail

Sega today shipped Rome: Total War – Barbarian Invasion, the newest expansion to Rome: Total War (read DailyGame’s review), for the PC. The expansion reflects 200 hundred years of change along with updated battle AI, new maps and new gameplay [...]