Monthly Archives: October 2006

Shrek 4 Coming to Theaters in 2010

DreamWorks Animation reported its earnings for the third quarter of 2006 on Tuesday and revealed that Shrek 4 will hit theaters in 2010. Also, the Puss in Boots movie, previously expected to go straight [...]

iTunes 7.0.2 Update

Apple released the iTunes 7.0.2 updater in Mac OS X Software Update today. The iTunes update provides stability and performance improvements as well as support for the new 2nd Generation iPod shuffle which should be in stores Friday.

WoW turn 2 and subscribers win Prizes.

According to Blizzard is already celebrating by giving back to the fans that have made it so successful.
For the next five weeks, Blizzard will award contestants a myriad of different prizes, increasing in awesomeness each week. Week one [...]

Developers response to BF2142 issues

EA and Digital Illusions (DICE) have moved to calm concerns about the current state of Battlefield 2142 after players experienced a number of issues during the game’s first few days on sale.
In an update to the game’s official forum, DICE [...]

Electronically Heated Pants

If there’s one thing we hate waking in the morning, it’s our testicles climbing up into our abdomen to shield themselves from the frigid cold. NOT ANYMORE! This pair of Tri-Zone heated pants have two heat zones (shouldn’t that be [...]

Sony Ups Micro Vault Series to 8 GB

Sony has announced their latest USB flash drive, the Sony Microvault Midi. With the addition of the Midi (which has nothing to do with awesome MIDI music) Sony has increased the storage capacity up to 8 GB. Also included is [...]