Daily Archives: October 12, 2006

IE7 and WMP11 Launch News

“Windows Media Player 11 will be available via free download beginning Oct. 24 and will enable users to take advantage of an elegant and intuitive user interface, a new level of online store integration, especially with MTV’s URGE service, and [...]

Blizzard Slays 76,000 Cheaters

World of Warcraft has closed the accounts of some 76,000 cheaters and siezed over 11,000,000 gold pieces.
In our continued efforts to combat cheating in World of Warcraft, more than 76,000 accounts were closed and 11 million gold was removed from [...]

XBOX Live Down This Weekend

It only happens a few times a year, but XBOX Live and XBOX.com will be down and out for up to 24 whole hours starting at midnight Pacific Time on Tuesday, October 17. No word yet on new features to [...]

Fantastic Four 2 Wedding Pics

Looks like in the upcoming Fantastic Four 2 there is going to be a wedding (not really a spoiler as this probably happens in the first 5 minutes of the movie and will be in all the commercials). In [...]

Moller ‘Flying Car’ Prototype For Sale On eBay

Davis, California, based Moller International, which has been developing its M400X Skycar “flying car” for years (and which I’ve blogged about here and here), is running out of money, so they’re SELLING THEIR PROTOTYPE. On eBay. Expensive suicide, anyone? Here [...]