Daily Archives: November 13, 2006

MTV Does Games This Week

MTV is taking another crack at a ‘Gamer’s Week’ this week, and they’re already showing they’ve learned since last year. Offering programming that’s about 100x more respectful than anything at G4 (thank you Stephen Totilo), Gamer’s Week 2.0 (really obnoxious [...]

Battlefield 2142 Review

In the not-so-distant future, combat will take place on icy battlegrounds between behemoth battle walkers and advanced infantry soldiers. That future battlefield has arrived today. Battlefield 2142 catapults the series from the historic battles of World War II [...]

Gears of War Patch In The Works

If you’ve been experiencing connection problems while playing Gears of War multiplayer, you should know that Epic Games is aware of the issues and they are already working on an update to fix this and other issues.

The New Faultline

Faultline has undergone some pretty radical changes since its original state as a Trial zone. This guide describes some of the background fiction to the changes, and also includes an in-depth look at the zone by Cryptic’s own [...]