Daily Archives: November 27, 2006


Sony has released images of several new SPIDER-MAN 3 posters, the film is due out in May, and the posters featured below are 2 styles of US one-sheets, and the international poster as well. Time to start salivating true believers! [...]

Ten PC Games to Excite the Market

With the looming release of Vista, interest in PC games is once again on the up. But what are the ten games most likely to excite consumers?

CVG has compiled a list of ten games for PC, which its writers feel [...]

New Halo 3 Details Released

Bungie has posted new information on Halo 3, including minute details of the three hi-res screenshots released last week.
The firm’s website includes a feature that takes a look at the detail of the screens, offering an insight into that [...]

A View from Atlas Park: CoH-sploitation

I8 will come with a couple of exploit fixes that will also impact on players who do not use these loopholes. UnSub thinks the minor impact on players who play CoH/V “correctly” is worth the cost of fixing the exploits.