Daily Archives: November 29, 2006

Warhammer: Mark of Chaos Patch

A new European patch for Warhammer: Mark of Chaos is now available, updating the European editions of Black Hole Games’ miniatures-inspired real-time strategy game to version 1.3.

World of Warcraft Announces Stat Tracking

What sells, what’s being made, what’s being looted and more.
Over at the Official site for World of Warcraft, Blizzard announced a new feature for players of their MMO World of Warcraft. Thanks to Blizzard, there’s a new statistics tracking system [...]

The truth about girl gamers

Results showed that 39 per cent of you game daily, while another 33 per cent get their console kicks at least weekly. Just 19 per cent said that they rarely game and a mere nine per cent admit to never [...]

Another Starship Troopers?

It looks like Sony is preparing to correct their ways and deliver a real sequel to Starship Troopers that will also serve as the return of Casper Van Dien. Get the clippers out, somebody needs to shave his chest again!
Clint [...]

Russia to shutdown AllofMp3.com

In what can only be described as a stunning turn of events it appears that Russia has agreed to shutdown AllofMP3.com as of this writing the site was still up and online. I am sure that many will be disappointed if [...]

CoH Issue 8: To Protect & Serve Interview

What are some of the features of Issue 8? How will they change the game play that already exists in Paragon City?
Besides the abovementioned two, there is a rework of the Faultline Zone, showing that the city is finally rebuilding [...]