Monthly Archives: November 2006

Comedy Central clips back on YouTube

After popular Comedy Central clips were pulled from YouTube last week, most clips are back and Viacom has announced that it wants to make Internet distribution work. Is another YouTube media deal imminent?

City of Villains One-Year Anniversary

Tuesday, October 31st marked the one year anniversary of City of Villains. Launched on Halloween of 2005, City of Villains finally answered one of the players’ top requests – to be the bad guy. To commemorate this first annual milestone, [...]

Retail To Offer 3 Versions Of Halo 3

North American stores Electronic Boutiques and GameStop are to begin taking pre-orders for Bungie’s keenly awaited Halo 3, revealing that the title is set to see retail release in an unprecedented three different packages. The basic edition of the game [...]

Steve Niles talks 30 Days of Night

“30 DAYS OF NIGHT crossed the 30 days of shooting mark and everything I’m seeing and hearing makes me think the film will be great. I hope they start releasing some images soon because I think you guys are going [...]