Daily Archives: January 4, 2007

Vanguard Open Beta Starts Friday

Sigil Games and SOE have announced that the Vanguard: Saga of Heroes open beta will begin on Friday January 5th, 2006. The game, which is scheduled to launch early this year, will be distributed through FilePlanet.

The Future of War Tech Starts In 3 Years

Super futuristic military capabilities, such as the ability to see through walls, exoskeletons and advance armor for soldiers and laser-beam weapons will be rolled out for testing in just THREE YEARS by the Pentagon.

CrimeCraft Announced

Vogster Entertainment has revealed that its secret Unreal Engine 3-powered project is a massively multiplayer online game for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Hollywood OKs Downloads to DVD

The major studios have approved new security technology for downloaded movies that are burned to DVD. Sonic Solutions Inc. has introduced their Qflix system, which adds a digital lock to the DVDs. This copy-protection lock isn’t much different from the [...]

2142 Upcoming new Content

The in-game ads in Battlefield 2142 haven’t been all that bad, and in many cases actually work well in the setting. Now, EA is advertising upcoming content for the game that may or may not be free, according to the [...]