Daily Archives: March 30, 2007

20-Sided Fuzzy Dice

Fuzzy die are no longer reserved for the rock and roll lifestyle. Latest to land over at the Thinkgeek store is this revised pair of the classic car accessory—the fuzzy 20-sided dice. Hang these on your rearview mirror and roll [...]

National Treasure 2 Cast Discovered

In National Treasure: Book of Secrets, this time Nicolas Cage’s character Ben Gates has a connection to John Wilkes Booth and the mysterious Knights of the Gold Circle. Jeb Wilkinson, played by Ed Harris, has some information about Gates’ father [...]

World in Conflict Interview

RTS Community has an interview with Massive’s Magnus “Soundboy” Jans?n to learn more about the ultra realistic (from a visual standpoint) World War 3 flavored RTS, World in Conflict.

New Halo 2 Maps Coming April 17

Microsoft and Bungie have announced the upcoming release of two new maps for the aging FPS, Halo 2. The maps will be available on both the XBox and XBox360, and the maps will actually be remakes of two of the [...]

Smallville: “Progeny”

Kryptonsite is first up at bat with a new image gallery showing actress Lynda Carter guest starring on the hit CW show. They also have screen captures from the “coming attractions” styled trailer that showed on Thursday night. [...]