Monthly Archives: April 2007

CoH invention system ‘imminent’

The next free expansion patch will add a new crafting system to the MMO, which lets you collect ingredients and recipes from felled monsters to make powerful items. The update also introduces 10 new sets of wings: Angel, Demon, Dragon, [...]

State of The Game Address!

Lighthouse has posted a “State of The Game Address! I still can’t believe its been three years. The game continues to get better and better!
Three years. For some on the Development Team, the amount of change over that [...]

Call Of Duty 4 Trailer!

Even though it is a bit early, the official Call Of Duty 4 trailer has been released. The trailer shows modern day warfare, which actually reminds us a bit of Battlefield 2. Check it out for yourself, there are HD [...]

Land of the Giants coming to DVD

Fox Home Entertainment has officially announced the complete series of Land of the Giants which stars Gary Conway, Don Marshall, Stefan Arngrim, and Don Matheson.
This limited edition 9-disc collection will be available to own from the 24th July, and should [...]

Star Trek MMO – Update

According to the May/June issue of Star Trek Magazine is still on track for an early 2008 launching with beta testing to begin may of 2007. At this point they have solidified on the starting races and are well [...]