Daily Archives: April 9, 2007

XBox 360 Controller Gets a Keyboard

The new keyboard goes hand in hand with the newly announced Windows Live Messenger for XBox 360 software, which will arrive on May 7 via a spring update. The software will allow you to chat with other MSN Messenger users, [...]

New Green Arrow Coming

“Supermax” is Goyer’s take on supervillain incarceration in the DC universe, the magazine reported. Goyer’s story revolves around a wrongly convicted Green Arrow, who is whisked away to the supermax prison for out-of-control heroes and villains, where he’s forced to [...]

Gears Of War Update Live

The new update for Gears Of War is live, folks. This includes the new “Annex” game type, as well as some multiplayer bug fixes. Grab it now before it gets bogged down.

Marvel Comics Iron Man #16 Error Copies

Ivc2.com is reporting that Iron Man #16 has been released early threw newsstand distributors over the weekend and that they turned out to be error copies with pages being printed out of order. Marvel Comics is aware of the problem [...]