Daily Archives: April 17, 2007

World in Conflict Demo Soon

PC.IGN has a new video interview with Massive’s Magnus Jansen who provides some insight into its upcoming modern-day strategy game, World in Conflict. At about the half-way point of the video, Magnus revealed that they are hoping to have a [...]

PS360 Controller

No. Don’t you ever think like that. Microsoft and Sony haven’t joined hands to fight the small and mighty Wii but its another Ben Heckendorn hack which makes the soul of PS3’s Sixaxis controller and body of 360 controller into [...]

HD DVD Player Sales Top 100,000 in US

HD DVD announced it is the first of either format to reach 100,000 stand-alone players sold in the US market, saying Tuesday the price drop helped to spur sales of the product. Not included are PC or Xbox 360 drive [...]

Gamestop ups Xbox 360 trade-in

The precocious lads at Xbox 360 Fanboy have confirmed with multiple Gamestop managers that the trade-in value for both SKUs of Microsoft’s console has increased. You will now receive $250 for Premium, $200 for Core (about 67% its original value) [...]