Monthly Archives: May 2007

Transformers Release Date Moved Up

Fans will get to see DreamWorks/Paramount’s Transformers a day earlier than was originally planned. The studio has moved up director Michael Bay’s sci-fi action-adventure a day, from July 4 to July 3.

Florida WoW Player Sues IGE For Gold Farming

A Florida man has sued IGE over the company’s third-party virtual currency business in World of Warcraft. The lawsuit, on behalf of all WoW players, claims that their action devalues the assets of all World of Warcraft players.
Speculating here, but [...]

StarCraft 2 Not for 2007

Speaking to MSNBC, a Blizzard head-honcho has ruled out a 2007 release for StarCraft II:
Speaking of secrets, what is your timeline for release for “StarCraft II?”
It’s a secret! I can give you the old Blizzard mantra of: “It’ll ship when [...]

Warhammer Online Beta Signups

The Age of Reckoning draws near and the armies of Order and Destruction are filling their ranks. So sharpen your sword, unleash your mutation, and prepare to meet your destiny on the battlefields of Warhammer Online.
The Warhammer Online Beta Center [...]

Gadget Lets Movie-Goers Muzzle the Noisy

Some 114 Regal Cinemas movie theaters have rolled out a new gadget that lets movie goers complain about loud or obnoxious people in the theater, video-cam movie pirates or about problems with the movie itself. Called the Regal Guest Response [...]