Monthly Archives: August 2007

Paul Haggis Talks Bond 22 talks to Paul Haggis about Bond 22 , and though he remains mum on the plot, he does disprove the rumors of Black Book star Carice van Houten being one of the new Bond Girls.

Biggest iPhone Bill From AT&T Yet: $12,000!

In today’s podcast episode of “Windows Weekly with Paul Thurrott,” host Leo Laporte mentions that he received an e-mail from a listener who got a $12,000 iPhone bill from AT&T for a single month’s usage. Laporte doesn’t go into details, [...]

AVP-R Red Band Trailer Hits!

20th Century Fox has revealed the new Red Band trailer for Aliens vs. Predator – Requiem , opening in theaters on December 25. Directed by the Strause brothers and written by Shane Salerno, the movie stars David [...]

Marvel Announces Dark Tower Sequel

Today Marvel Comics announced some basic info for their next installment of the Stephen King Dark Tower comics. The Dark Tower: The Long Road Home – will premiere this February! It is slated to be a 5-issue series with [...]

Ryan Reynolds Wants Deadpool

Could Van Wilder star Ryan Reynolds end up playing Deadpool
Nicknamed the ‘Merc with a Mouth’ because of his constant wisecracks about pop-culture, Deadpool has been portrayed as a mercenary, an anti-hero and even a villain, which makes it difficult for [...]