Monthly Archives: April 2008

Champions Online: New Interview Posted

1UP has posted a new interview with Cryptic Studios’ president Michael Lewis, and Chief creative officer Jack Emmert, on their upcoming title, Champions Online. In the interview we hear about issues with making an MMO for both the PC [...]

Left For Dead Hands On

On Friday, the EA Games Showcase in London took place. Hexus was there and able to preview Valve’s new game Left For Dead. The shooter is team-based, and according to Hexus, really has a ton of potential. Team Fortress 2 [...]


The kitchen work surface is dripping with slime, the lights are going crazy, there’s screaming coming from down the hallway and your landlady dropped another of her passive-aggressive little rent demands through the letterbox this morning.
Who ya gonna call?

Hulk Sets up Avengers

When in 2005 Marvel Studios announced that they would begin to produce their own properties as movies, we knew that within the decade we would see the Avengers. With 2008 seeing Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk hitting screens, you [...]

Sarah Connor Will be Back

For those wondering if Fox will be bringing back “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles,” no worries. TV Guide posted the following today:
Although Fox declined comment, multiple sources confirm to me exclusively that Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles has been renewed for [...]