Daily Archives: June 24, 2008

JVC Claims Thinnest LCD TVs with Tuners

JVC is now offering new 42- and 46-inch LCD HDTVs in its Procision line it claims are the world’s thinnest to sport built-in tuners.
JVC has announced that, beginning in July, it will begin offering two new LCD HDTVs in its [...]

Diablo III to be Announced This Week

If you visit the Blizzard website right now you’ll get a strange splash page depicting ice with some runes. People throughout the Internet are speculating what this could mean … perhaps Blizzard will be announcing a new game? Perhaps the [...]

Left 4 Dead 4 November

You’ve been 4-warned. Valve’s PC and Xbox 360 zombie apocalypse sim, Left 4 Dead, will be overturning store shelves in a frantic search for essential supplies on November 4th. We highly recommend that you and three of your best friends [...]