Daily Archives: July 16, 2008

Google Nears 70 Pct Share of Search Market

A new report from market research firm Hitwise summarizes the proportion of U.S. Internet searches handled by major search engines during June 2008, and finds Google handled nearly 70 percent of all online searches during the month. Compared to [...]

Blu-Ray Xbox 360 Rumors Shot Down Again

Microsoft’s Shane Kim says it ain’t happening:
Give up any hopes you might have had about adding a Blu-Ray player to your Xbox 360.
Shane Kim, vice president of strategy and business development for Microsoft’s Interactive Entertainment business, tells me [...]

NCsoft merges Heroes, Villains universes

NCsoft has announced the complete merger of its City of Heroes and City of Villians titles into one game universe.
Current subscribers who only had one of the titles will now have access to the features of both games, and new [...]

Iron Man 2 to be written by Theroux

Variety reports that new lucrative deals are nearly set in stone for director Jon Favreau and lead actor Robert Downey Jr., and you can bet they will be dibble-dabbling with whatever Theroux produces, but you could also be pretty sure [...]