Daily Archives: July 17, 2008

HEROES Season 3 Trailer Online

A full trailer for the highly anticipated HEROES Season 3 has shown up over at NBC.com!
While the full plot for season 3 hasn’t been revealed, we know that there will be more villains than one can shake [...]

AMD CEO Steps Down

AMD announced today that Hector Ruiz is stepping down from his position as chief executive officer in favor of President and COO Dirk Meyer, who was elected by the board of directors to fill the newly opened position; in turn, [...]

Wrath of the Lich King goes beta

On a Thursday night after all the E3 shenanigans (and during our party, no less), we have word that Blizzard has begun the Wrath of the Lich King beta. Sources have told WoW Insider that the alpha phase [...]

Gmail is the Spammers Choice

A study by Roaring Penguin has discovered that during the past three weeks, the amount of spam originating from Gmail has risen sharply. Spam has been pretty ridiculously high for the last few weeks, although there is not hard evidence [...]

Firefox Update 3.0.1 and

Firefox updated to 3.0.1 and to fix some minor updates and one major one – if you have Safari and Firefox installed. The “Carpet bomb” opened up the gateway in which a remote machine could take control of the [...]

ExtremeTech’s Gaming Headset Roundup

ExtremeTech rounds up seven recent PC gaming headsets: Pulsar SX Headphones, Turtle Beach Ear Force X4, Astro A40 Audio System, Ideazon Banshee Headset, SteelSeries 5H v2, SteelSeries Siberia, Razer Piranha, E.D.G.E. Acoustics GX400.