Xbox Live To Host Original Horror Films This Autumn

Microsoft will host a selection of original short films on Xbox Live this autumn made by people responsible for the likes of Saw, Dawn of the Dead and Friday 13th.

These will be free to either download or stream for any region with access to Live around the world.

So far seven of the short film "pilots" have been outed.

  • "Doggie Heaven (Woof!)" by Saw creators Leigh Whannell and James Wan – a story of a young fellow shot dead and sent to the wrong heaven.
  • "Humanzee!" by film-maker James Gunn (Dawn of the Dead, Slither) – a sitcom about a human chimp-boy.
  • "Adrenaline Slam" by director Marcus Nispel (Friday 13th, Texas Chainsaw Massacre) – a mix of hidden-camera and fantasy, exposing normal people to outrageous events.
  • "MEATDOG: What’s Fer’ Dinner" by director David Slade (30 Days of Night, Hard Candy) – an animated dog made from cuts of meat takes on an evil cult of pigs.
  • "Blue Like You" by director Lucky McKee (May, The Woods) – two friends make a new friend, Blue, who strangely struggles to do menial tasks.
  • "The Miracle of Phil" by director Andrew Douglas (The Amityville Horror) – Phil gets "knocked up" but Chris is the one who feels "screwed".
  • "Assorted Nightmares: The Janitor" by upcoming director John Clisham – horror anthology show, where the first episode pays homage to 1980s slashers.

This is all part of Microsoft’s coverage of Comic-Con, which starts today in San Diego in the US. Keep your eyes on Xbox Live Marketplace for lots of videos and coverage of the event.

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