Bungie Hints At More Halo (4?) In Acceptance Speech

You halo fans are going to spend hours dissecting this one, we are sure. As you may or may not know, Halo 3 received the Edge award for Innovation:

Edge steeped particular praise on the integration and coherence of Halo 3’s online content, demonstrating an unparalleled understanding of the potential for online console play. Judges believed the Halo 3 stats and communities found on Bungie.net provided life for the game – even when the console was switched off.

Well, in their acceptance video, made in the style of Red Vs. Blue, the MC practically reveals that Halo is not even close to done yet, and almost shows off new footage. The dialog is rife with innuendo and hints at the new content, with the host making statements like "even though in Halo 3 you finished the fight, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the ride is over." When you watch the entire video, you will see that Bungie is by no means finished with Halo, and they might even be hinting at Halo 4, although we tend to think it is something else entirely. Rumor mill for now, but something is definitely up.

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