Daily Archives: October 8, 2008

Netflix Charging $1 More For Blu-ray

Netflix has begun to alert subscribers that a price increase is required for those who wish to rent Blu-ray movies. The surcharge is a result of the additional cost of the next generation format, which sometimes is double that of [...]

New Xbox Experience coming Nov. 19

Finally on Nov. 19, you can kiss that old Xbox experience goodbye as you welcome the shiny New Xbox Experience, and all the Avatars, group chatting and other new features it brings in tow. That’s worldwide, by the way. [...]

D&D 4th Edition Adventure’s Vault

Here’s a sweet sourcebook pickup that extends the standard collection of Items and Magic Items found in the D&D 4th Edition Players Handbook or the D&D 4th Edition Dungeon Master Guide.
This D&D 4th Edition Adventure’s Vault [Amazon, Funagain] is [...]

YouTube To Sell Music and Games

YouTube has announced that they will start selling games and music to grow revenue. This now Google-owned website will be setup so that visitors to YouTube.com can buy the songs from music videos they watch on the site by clicking [...]

Ghostbusters comic book news

IDW has provided Newsarama with an exclusive preview of this week’s Ghostbusters: The Other Side #1 by Keith Champagne and Tom Nguyen. The solicitation for the issue reads: Egon Spengler! Ray Stantz! Winston Zeddemore! Peter Venkman! The original Ghostbusters return [...]